At our dinghy sailing school in Sussex, on an inland lake by the South coast, we offer Royal Yachting sailing courses and private lessons with our team of experienced RYA instructors.  Topper Topaz and Laser Pico’s make up our fleet of boats with  a Laser Magno  and Laser Bahia.  All course dates can be viewed and courses booked through our on line booking system but if the dates don’t suit you do give us a call and we will try and offer alternatives.  All our boats based here in East Sussex are available to hire by experienced sailors.

RYA Start Sailing Level 1 – Two day course – £189.00 Book

  • You will be shown how to rig a boat
  • Sail across the wind and upwind
  • Learn how to tack and gybe
  • Bring your boat safely ashore
  • You will cover all necessary theory and ropework
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The RYA Start Dinghy Sailing two day course is for complete beginners, and teaches you all the skills and theory necessary to get you helming a boat confidently on your own. You will learn to tack and gybe, and sail round a set course. During the two days you will spend maximum time on the water, with the instructor close at hand to guide you safely and expertly throughout the day. All equipment is provided including wetsuit and buoyancy aid (just bring old trainers to wear, or if you have them wetsuit boots). On completion of this course our boats can be hired in light winds.

RYA Sailing Improver Level 2 – Two day course – £189.00Book

  • Progress with the Five Essentials
  • Balance, centreboard, sail setting, trim, course made good
  • Man overboard recovery
  • More advanced boat handling skills
  • Improve knowledge of rigging and reefing
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The RYA Level 2 course continues with the skills you learnt in Level 1. You progress to more advanced techniques and learn the ‘Five Essentials’ for sailing – balance, trim, sail setting, centreboard, and course made good. When to reef, rope work, and towing are all covered, including sources of weather forecasts, and use of the anchor. By the end of this sailing course you will have the knowledge and skills to get the best performance from your boat in a variety of conditions. The resulting RYA certificate will enable you to hire a dinghy in centres throughout the world.

Fast-track – RYA Start Sailing Level 1 + Improver Level 2 – £338.00

Please call the centre to book

  • Book onto both courses and make a massive saving of £40
  • Progress rapidly with your skills
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Book onto both courses and you will progress rapidly with your sailing skills. Some practice is needed between lessons but after your Start Sailing course you can come back and hire on an hourly basis. Go to basic skills course info for more details about the two day content.

RYA Dinghy Sailing Progression Level 3 – Two day course – £199.00 Please call the centre to book

  • Helm and crew seamanship skills
  • Use of spinnaker
  • Introduction to racing
  • Improving on the five essentials
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On this course we introduce you to helm and crew seamanship skills and theory. Becoming confident in working with another crew member is an essential part of the course. The five essentials are developed and improved on. You get your first opportunity to use a spinnaker. An introduction to racing is another element of the course content.

RYA Seamanship Skills – 2 day course – £199.00

Please call the centre to book

  • Learn to crew and helm in a double hander boat.
  • Use of main sail and jib
  • Sailing rudderless
  • Rigging of crew boat
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The RYA Seamanship course will progress your skills to handling a larger boat with main sail and jib. You will learn to crew and helm in a crew boat, and most of the work afloat will be done with your instructor aboard. The course content includes rigging, launching and recovery, sailing tight circles, and sailing rudderless. Emphasis in the theory section is on building on the confidence of the student to make correct seamanship decisions in moderate wind conditions, and the practical skills to manoeuvre the boat in a seamanlike manner. An RYA seamanship certificate is given at the end of this course.

RYA Dinghy sailing with Spinnaker – 4 hours – £105.00Please call the centre to book

  • For students who have completed basic skills or above
  • Learn to use an asymmetric or symmetric spinnaker
  • Use of trapeze
  • Capsize recovery including spinnaker
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This course is for sailors who have completed their ‘Basic Skills’ course or above. Your instructor will teach you how to sail a dinghy/keelboat/multihull rigged with an asymmetric or symmetric spinnaker. Part of the course content includes rigging a boat with spinnaker, and trapeze. To perform spinnaker hoist, gybe and drop as crew or helm. To understand how to sail best course downwind, and to do a capsize recovery including spinnaker.

Private 1.1 lessons – £45.00 per hour – single hander – £55.00 Laser Bahia

Please call the centre to book

1:1 Sailing lessons at Rye watersports
  • Intensive personal tuition
  • Concentrate on any aspect of sailing
  • Progress rapidly
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Please call centre to book this lesson.

Our boats are available to hire from £25.00 per hour

For children’s RYA Sailing Courses and private lessons see Kids Pages

One of the most enjoyable and safest ways of getting little ones into watersports – remember ‘Swallows and Amazons’? We have an Adventure Activities Licence which authorises us to teach children under eighteen years of age.

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