Windsurfing lessons are taught on safe flat water that is ideal for anyone new to windsurfing. The South Coast offers varied conditions, but our coastal lake is perfect for lessons/beginners and experts alike. The lakes close proximity to the sea at Camber Sands means we get consistent force 4 sea breezes throughout the Summer months, and stronger winds during Spring and Autumn.

RYA Windsurfing Taster Part A – 1 day – £89.00Book

  • A taster four hours to get you up and sailing
  • Learn to sail across the wind
  • Turn around
  • Launching and landing
  • All kit and wetsuit is provided
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This is the first half of the Start Windsurfing course and ideal for people with limited time who still want to get a taste of what windsurfing is all about.. You can always go on to the second day at a future date.

RYA Windsurfing Part B – 1 day – £79.00Book

  • As second part of RYA 2 day
  • Ideal for people who used to windsurf and want to get back into the sport
  • To progress further and gain the RYA Level 1 certificate
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Ideal for people who haven’t windsurfed for a while and want to get back into the sport, or for windsurfers who have completed Part A and want to progress and get their RYA Level 1 certificate.

RYA Start Windsurfing Parts A & B – 2 day – £149.00Book

  • First day as RYA part A
  • Tacking and gybing
  • Sailing around a triangular course
  • Understanding the wind
  • Return to your starting point
  • All kit and wetsuit is provided
  • Free 1 hours board/wetsuit hire
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A fantastic introduction to this exciting sport. Your windsurfing lesson starts on a dry land simulator, where you can learn all the basics without getting wet! Once on the water we teach you to sail across the wind and turn around, so you can always get back to the beach.

A short theory session covering wind and safety will give you the confidence to progress on to the next stages. By the end of your course you will be able to tack and gybe and understand points of sailing in relation to the wind direction; you will be skimming over the water in harmony with the wind, and without doubt you’ll be hooked on windsurfing.

RYA Intermediate 2 day course – £159.00Book

  • For people who have completed RYA Start Windsurfing
  • This lesson furthers your skills and knowledge
  • We put you on faster boards with performance sails
  • Introduction to use of the harness
  • Faster tacks and gybes
  • Lands based fast forward simulator sessions
  • Vision, trim, balance, power and stance
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If you can get in some practice before you come on this course it is an advantage, but not a prerequisite. The formula of ‘Vision, Trim, Balance, Power, and Stance’, is applied to your windsurfing skills. We teach you how to beach start which so useful in stronger winds and, once you’ve cracked that your not far away from learning how to water start. Use of the harness is also covered and we show you how to set your lines up correctly. Faster tacks and gybes and correct weight distribution are part of this intermediate windsurfing lesson. You will progress rapidly with our up to date teaching techniques.

Fast-track – Start + Intermediate windsurfing – £279.00Please call the centre to book

  • Book onto both courses and make a saving of £29.00
  • Progress rapidly with your windsurfing skills
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This is a great way to fast-track and and progress rapidly with your windsurfing skills. You can use your free two hours board hire to practice between courses, and then try and get a few more hours on the water before your intermediate lesson. Go to intermediate more course info to see in more detail the two day content.

RYA Advanced Windsurfing 2 days – £159.00 Please call the centre to book

  • Effective use of board & sail to encourage early planing
  • Blasting Control
  • Best use of footstraps & harness
  • Refine stance according to conditions
  • Maximum of four in group
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We use the latest wide style short boards and high performance sails to introduce you to the foot-straps, stronger winds, and the carve gybe. Harness skills, power control, rigging and tuning, to get the most out of your kit, are all part of this advanced course. Our aim is to get you planing and into those foot-straps.These clinics are very wind dependant so please call our centre for information on when we are running them.

RYA Intermediate/Advanced Clinics 2 hours – £65.00 Please call the centre to book

Intermediate / Advanced windsurfing lesson at Rye watersports
  • Waterstarts
  • Carve gybes
  • Better use of footstraps & harness
  • Stronger wind planning techniques
  • Maximum of four in group
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We use the latest wide style short boards and high performance sails to help you gain confidence sailing in a variety of wind condtions. With improved blasting control on variable water states. These courses are very wind dependant so please call our centre for information on when we are running them.

Private 1.1 lessons – £45.00 per hourPlease call the centre to book

  • Intensive personal tuition
  • Concentrate on any aspect of windsurfing
  • Ideal for windsurfers with limited time
  • Book a second hour and get 1 hr free hire
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These are aimed at individuals or small groups who want tailored coaching specific to their needs. Waterstarts, carve gybes, foot-straps, jumping and freestyle can all be covered.Please call our centre to book a private lesson.

If you fancy trying other watersports too why not book a kitesurfing lesson with us. We were one of the first kitesurfing schools in the South East and the Sussex and Kent coast are wonderful beaches to learn to kitesurf from. You can have a one day kitesurfing lesson or book onto a two/three day kitesurfing course.

We provide all equipment/wetsuit for your course but please bring your own footwear, or you can buy a pair of wetsuit boots in our shop.