Rye Watersports offers BKSA kitesurfing courses and private kitesurf lessons from our lake base in Sussex between Rye and Camber, and on the beaches at Camber Sands East Sussex, and Greatstone Kent.

BKSA 2 day – £199.00Book

Sam instructing (2)
  • Trainer kite flying & kite set-up
  • Control and wind window
  • Directional bodydragging and kite control
  • Board starts and getting up and riding
  • Self-rescue and packdown
  • Edging the board
  • Results in BKSA certificate
  • 15% off kite package
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Learning to kitesurf is simple if taught correctly. Your instructor starts with showing you how to fly a trainer kite and to control it within the ’wind window’. You then move on to inflatables (the 2015 North Neo kite) and learn ‘set-up’, launching and landing. Body dragging is the next stage, where you pilot the kite upwind and downwind whilst in the water. It’s your first real taste of the power of the kite and everyone loves the exhilarating sensation. Once you are happy with controlling the kite you progress to waterstarts and getting up and riding the board. All aspects of safety and self rescue are covered.

BKSA 3 day – £289.00Book

  • As day 1 & 2
  • Progress with board starts
  • Improve kite control
  • Learn to ride upwind
  • Make your first turns
  • Control kite and board in waves
  • Results in BKSA certificate
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Your 3-day learn to kitesurf lesson is initially run along exactly the same lines as the two day course. The third day gives you more time to concentrate on getting up and riding the board. With all our courses your BKSA kitesurfing instructor is next to you in the water at all times. The art of edging the board is covered in your two day course and this is one of the techniques you will be concentrating on during this third day session. As with the two day course you will receive a BKSA certificate which enables you to hire kit in the UK and abroad.

PRIVATE 1 . 1 tuition – £90.00Book

learning to kitesurf at Camber Sands
  • Minimum 2 hours
  • Suitable for beginners or advanced riders
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Private courses are for any kitesurfer who wants tuition on a one-to-one basis. You could be a complete beginner, or wanting to learn the latest tricks around. Our instructors are there to sort you out! Minimum of 2 hours.

BKSA Kitesurfing lessons for children age 12 +Please call the centre to book

Kids Kitesurfing lessons at Rye Watersports
  • Run along same lines as adult courses
  • Call to make a booking
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We have great success with our kitesurfing lessons for children (minimum age 12). They come to us from all over England as Rye Watersports is one of the few kitesurfing centres in the UK to hold an ‘AALA’ licence. This affiliation authorises us to give kitesurfing lessons to children under eighteen.